Ports: the introduction of the largest floating dock in the Gulf region for the benefit of the Iraqi Navy

2501 2016
And it reached the Iraqi port Monday afternoon floating giant aquarium [Arabian Sea] under the command of the naval force and coastal defense to Marsa Jubaila after the diameter of the port of Umm Qasr
He said flags ports director Anmar net in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the entry of the basin was "passing through the navigational channels across the Shatt al-Arab in order to place it in the Marine Dockyard for carrying out its duties in the reconstruction of vessels."
He pointed out that "the Department of Maritime Affairs expressed Bdoairh of control and maritime considerable effort Bmrushdih giant marine operations and their crews in diameter and guidance and Sahbath".
And between the net that "the floating basin [Arabian Sea] is used to Tesfan all cargo vessels of 60 tons and above, was built in 1985 in Italy and was rehabilitated by the arsenal Aaloxanderah company in Egypt."
He explained that "this Dockyard The lifting of vessels from water to land within the Dockyard for the purpose of maintenance and repair of the part actually under water, as well as add absolutely free unusable and turn it into a fully operational for all vessels and the provision of funds in hard currency cut in the case of Tesfan vessels in countries Neighboring".
He said the Iraqi Media Manager ports that this basin floating "is the largest Mesfin income to the Gulf region."
agency all of Iraq News 2016