Services Committee: the law on credit payment inconsistent with the policy of the International Monetary Fund

Sunday, March 11 / March 2012 11:04

Twilight News / The Commission services and the parliamentary ages, Sunday, that the House rejected the Law of the payment on credit as a result of incompatibility with the policy of the International Monetary Fund, referring to the possibility of re-consideration of this law in the event called on the government to do so.

The Minister of Finance and Planning Minister and President of the Office of Financial Supervision met, on Friday the nineteenth of this month, with the International Monetary Fund in Amman, the capital of Jordan to discuss the reality of the Iraqi economy, and the development of a new map for spending budget this year, and was Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi called for a new law to pay on credit.

The Member Services Committee, the parliamentary Kamilp Musawi in an interview with "Twilight News" "The House of Representatives had a fear of the law of payment on credit for the adoption of the former regime was during the period of his rule, and liver of the country's debts are a great addition to that law inconsistent with the policy of the International Monetary Fund."

The al-Moussawi said that "the Commission Services and Construction will host the Minister of Municipalities regarding the law of the infrastructure for inclusion in the agenda of the House of Representatives and voting on," asserting that "the payment on credit does not concern only housing projects and low cost, but includes all the development projects in the country."

She Moussawi that "in case of dependence on the budget in the implementation of the projects there will be no urban development, and can not rise up the economic reality in the country," indicating that "the law on credit will pay many of the problems facing the process of construction and development."

And confirmed a member of the Commission services that may be reviewed in the law of payment on credit and included under the budget law.

Agreed earlier in the financial committees, economic, legal, oil and gas on the repeal of article 25 of the financial budget, and placed strict controls for projects where the payment on credit and add a paragraph in the budget, related to audit the accounts of state institutions by the Council of Representatives and the monthly and is sent to Help Budget after the vote it to the provinces during the week.

The House voted in, February 23 last, to buy 350 vehicles armored to Congress for $ 60 billion dinars distributed to its members, and on the budget bill for fiscal year 2012.