Sheikh Hamoudi: popular and political cohesion out the occupying forces and the same attitude we will come out of Iraq Daash

January 25, 2016 19:44

A member of the Presidium of the House of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, the popular and political cohesion in Iraq, the occupying forces out of the country, and the same position Daash will come out of its territory.

Sheikh Hamoudi said during a meeting with Indonesian parliamentary delegation, headed by First Deputy Chairman of the Board Emeritus Hamza, according to a statement his office on "the importance of strengthening parliamentary, economic and trade aspects between the two countries, and the activation of the friendship committee".

He stressed "the need to develop all-round cooperation in the field of higher education and striving for the establishment of direct flights between Baghdad - Jakarta," and expressed his sincere condolences to the Government and people of Indonesia for the terrorist bombing of innocent people who long for the past few days.

For his part, praised the Indonesian parliamentary delegation for their hospitality and reception of Iraq and the presence of nearly a thousand Indonesians working in the country, noting that their presence today, "a message confirming that Iraq is in a natural and safe condition and is ready to restore its economy," A.