Dhi Qar proceed with the application of the 2016 security plan

2016-01-25 05:12:41 | (Voice of Iraq) - Dhi Qar

It embarked security services in Dhi Qar province on Sunday evening implementation of the first phase of the security plan for the current year 2016 for the arrest of all the launchers bullets and implementation of the right to arrest wanted judicially and book vehicles unnumbered orders.

The provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Hassan al-Zaidi said that the deployment witnessed in the city of Nasiriyah evening is part of the security plan which will begin implementation of all the security pieces next Tuesday across the province.

He pointed out that coordinated high-level between the kinds of security devices currently being after the completion of tribal conferences and the security services contract, stressing that the new procedures will be tough against violators under the protection of the security of citizens and maintaining security and stability in the governorate, pointing out that the external checkpoints currently experiencing a tightening of inspection procedures flour to all vehicles and citizens, concluding by saying that these measures will continue until further notice.