New Japanese grant to Iraq worth $ 105 million to alleviate the plight of refugees and displaced Syrians

2016-01-24 23:27:11 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Japanese government announced on Sunday, offered new assistance to Iraq worth a hundred and five million dollars package, to alleviate the plight of displaced persons and refugees, Syrians and facilitate their return to their areas liberated from (Daash), indicating that the humanitarian aid to Iraq since 2012 exceeded so Al256 million and 300 thousand dollars.

The Japanese Embassy in Baghdad, said in a statement that "the Japanese House of Representatives approved in (the twentieth of January the current 2016), the new package of humanitarian aid and support stability in Iraq worth $ 105 million, under the government's proposal, as part of the supplementary budget for the fiscal year 2015 past, "indicating that this" additional support which will be implemented through the United Nations organizations and global humanitarian organizations and the Japanese non-governmental organizations, aims to alleviate the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees Syrians, as well as to facilitate the return of displaced persons to their areas liberated from Daash ".

She said the Japanese embassy, ​​that "humanitarian assistance include the provision of supplies of food and water, shelter and non-food items, and caravans, medical and educational support, and the protection of children, and help the host community," noting that "support stability in liberated areas, aims in turn support and promote an enabling environment for the return of Early displaced people such as providing training in the removal of improvised explosive devices, explosives and rehabilitation of their homes, and life-sustaining support for the displaced returnees, such as vocational training and educational assistance and support for social reconciliation, and the allocation of part of the grant for the immediate stabilization fund. "

She explained the embassy, ​​that "Japan has provided since 2012, aid to Iraq worth 151 million and 300 thousand dollars," pointing out that "the humanitarian aid to Iraq exceeded that Al256 million and 300 thousand dollars."

It was the Japanese Embassy, ​​hoping for a government that "contribute to the new support package to alleviate the burden on Iraq since the invasion of Daash him last June 2014".

The Japanese Foreign Minister, Fumio Kishida, said during a meeting with Iraq's foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in Tokyo, in, (the 24 of November last in 2015), on his country's support to the Government of Iraq in their efforts to fight "terrorism," and expressed his country's readiness to promote bilateral cooperation in all fields, particularly demining and humanitarian assistance, as well as providing loans to Iraq worth 500 million Japanese yen allocated to irrigation and other areas.