Parliamentary Economy: Cabinet discusses the sale of property, State Lands

01/24/2016 -

He explained to the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Ahmed Kanani, The Council of Ministers discussed during a meeting Wednesday with representatives of Parliament sale of property state and territory in order to maximize the resources due to the financial crisis experienced by the Albulad.oukal Kanani, he told all of Iraq [where], that the meeting, which was held Last Wednesday, with the "Council of Ministers in the presence of three representatives of Congress for the House of Representatives, as represented I Economic Committee, and deputy Nazim al-Saadi Chairman of the Parliamentary Services, and Deputy Jabbar al-Abadi for the Finance Committee, which has provided many proposals and ideas and visions for the advancement of economic reality."
He explained that, which put forward at the meeting "to look at the collection of state funds, and to maximize the resources of the state of the property, real estate and land, through the sale and lease," noting that "the more visions I went to sell it." He added, "There are more than 20 proposal and 20 to see most of them are in the advancement the Iraqi economy, "adding that he" will be held frequent mini-committee meetings during these days in order to take some of the proposals, and after her studies are submitted to the Council of Ministers to be executed. "He continued that" the meeting was with economists and financial experts and Central Bank Governor [on the Keywords] and ministers , "adding that he" will be taking proposals and visions and ideas and choose some paragraphs for the purpose of application. "The Kanani, said last Wednesday that" the Council of Ministers Tbanna to attend the meeting, with a view to finding solutions to the economic crisis, "noting that he" will be represented at the meeting of Parliament and the Committee on Parliamentary economy. " He pointed out that he "will present during the meeting, the collection of funds through the electronic system, as the companies work during the four-month maximum and be put up, to control the ports." And "We will also discuss the subject of oil licensing rounds, and re-examine them, if oil prices remain at unchanged or declined. I suggest you are extracting the current time to stop because the extraction cost will be more than selling "It is said that, the House of Representatives ended during its meeting last Thursday, the first reading of the first draft amendment to the Law law on the sale and lease of state property No. 21 of 2013.ahar to that , oil prices witnessed over the past week, a collapse remarkable which recorded the lowest level over the past 12 years as it reached the basket of crudes OPEC and less than $ 30 for crude Bernt.oukal Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in an interview with CNBC on the sidelines of the Davos Economic Conference in Switzerland that "the situation is difficult this year, just as it was difficult last year, was the breakeven price per barrel in our budget is $ 57 per barrel, but we did not get in the end only to $ 45 a barrel, and this was very hard on us, and this year We identified the breakeven price of oil at $ 45 a barrel, but we sell it now versus 23 or $ 24 a barrel, and these harsh conditions for us. "