Parliamentary Integrity: committed to the Chairman of the Committee and reject change

2016-01-23 23:17:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Stressed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed Hamidi universe, Saturday, stuck Committee present its president Talal Zobaie and refused to change it, saying that the presidency to assess the work of the Commission for the previous period was not based on "reasonable grounds".

Hamidi, said in a statement that "the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary current sticking by its president Talal Zobaie and refuses to change as requested by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives."

He added that "evaluation of the presidency for the work of the Commission for the previous period was not based on a logical, scientific or statistical grounds," stressing that "the president did not visit the Commission or look on its or require detailed statistics on its activities for the purpose of the assessment was based on personal disagreements and political positions that are not unrelated to the work of the Commission. "

Hamidi and expressed surprise at the "formula addressed to the Integrity Commission, at the request choose another candidate according to the book and the electoral benefits that we see a modified version of the concept of partisan and sectarian quotas that are working hard in order to get rid of them."

The Bloc solution revealed on Saturday that the head of the House of Representatives passed a resolution to correct the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Management after "failing" the performance of its functions, while welcomed this decision.

He said the source of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said on Saturday that changing the chairmanship of the Committee is not possible at the present time, as he emphasized that there is corruption "serious Files" will be exposed soon.