Austerity and weak funding threaten the collapse of the Iraqi media institutions

2016-01-24 07:14:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Warns Iraqi Observatory press freedoms of an uncertain future threat to Iraqi media institutions in the absence of adequate funding availability and policies of austerity pursued by the government and the various sectors of the state following the collapse of oil prices in the global markets, and led to the lay off dozens of workers in the newspapers and radio stations and satellite channels and news agencies and the closure of other media failed to provide sufficient funds to finance programs and pay dues, which have on their work.

The Iraqi government canceled the annual financial grant to the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, which manages multiple activities and provide salaries and aid to the families of journalists who have been killed over the past years, while stopped forces and parties, cultural and political institutions and organizations to support the means of its Information, and managed most of those institutions of supportive views It is rare to be There is an independent news organization fully within the scope of the current situation in Iraq, while many of them shut down the government during the last period had been working for ministries and government departments service in Baghdad and other cities.

Iraqi Observatory for press freedom record during the last phase of the media to demobilize a large number of employees, were cut salaries of kept them, but reporters pointed Observatory they have not received their salaries for two months, or three, and looking many other work places for lack of funds availability institutions they work for now, and some of them left Iraq in search of opportunity abroad, have been informed Introduction Observatory Iraqi television programs she did not get her salary for three whole months, we need money to pay rent housing benefits and live in dignity

And lacks the Iraqi media to the advantage of access to funds from the ministries and government departments through advertising but completely cut off in the recent period, Madfha to demobilize have employees or stop work completely, while many journalists from the Iraqi Observatory ask for help in finding alternative employment difficult to obtain because the the financial crisis hit the Iraqi media organizations without discrimination which could lead to the collapse of the Iraqi media and the survival of some of the newspapers and radio stations and satellite channels belonging to a strong and effective and influential parties and has lacked sufficient funding to him the rest of the media.

Hadi JLo Mari
Observatory Iraqi press freedoms