Kurdish lawmaker: There is no official position by the Kurdistan to secede from Iraq

The news
January 24, 2016 2:47

Said a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Tariq friend that Kurdistan is an integral unity of Iraqi federalism under the Constitution part.

In an interview with a friend of the program "pillar" which aired "channel direction," he said the Kurdistan government and people so far not decided to secede from Iraq and there is no official statement from the president of the region, or parliament, on self-determination.
He said a friend that some behaviors practiced by the political blocs and political figures far from the spirit of cooperation and unity. He pointed out that some people in favor of cutting salaries for employees of Kurdistan and who are part of the federal government employees.
He said a friend I hope the federal government not to lose the people of Kurdistan and not just politicians and parties. He pointed out that the staff and the owners of low-income do not have the affair in the political rage and harassment.
The Kurdistan region is suffering from a severe financial crisis due to falling oil prices and the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil on oil You and the budget and the war against "Daash" and sheltering more than a million and a half displaced persons and refugees.
Informed sources said that the Kurdistan going through a financial crisis due to the Baghdad deduct the share of the Kurdistan Region of public finances of the country's budget or not complete sent, which caused a delay for several months the employees' salaries.