Sunni forces Union welcomes the deployment of US forces under the pretext of fighting terrorism and restore stability in Iraq

The news
January 24, 2016 2:39
Welcomed the Iraqi Federation of the structure of the US forces deploy ground forces to combat terrorism and restore stability in Iraq.

MP Mohammad al-Karbouli member of the Political Bureau of the Union of Forces; the new strategy to combat terrorism and that came late, but we believe that its role will be crucial in the elimination of al Daash and gangs of terror fugitive and promote stability in Atmh Baghdad and other provinces and will accelerate liberalization of Sunni cities usurped operations.

He Karbouli; that the deployment of US ground troops on the ground strategy confirms the weakness of the ability of government plans to counter the threat of regulation or the risk of uncontrolled militias on the security of the Iraqi citizen.

The MP Karbouli; that the failure of the Iraqi government and the reluctance to arm the tribes Almtsidih of terrorism Volunteers in Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin was a major reason for the adoption of international will to intervene international road option.

And between MP Mohammad al-Karbouli; that we welcome the deployment of US ground forces is not acceptable new pattern of occupation, but after tired of Disclaimer government of its promises and Aohodha in the liberation of our cities, and our desire to rehabilitate volunteer forces of the people of our cities usurped to grab land, edit, and protect the security of the citizen where after liberation.

The student member of the Political Bureau of the Union of the international will of the Iraqi forces to put serious plans to eliminate Daash and gangs of terror fugitive, and commitment to serious arming and equipping and support and assign our children from tribes Almtsidih terrorism Volunteers and qualify to be a safety Remember valve security of the Iraqi citizen in the future.