Financing for Development in the Iraqi banking sector

1/23/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
There to submit new ideas about the possibility of the contribution of the Iraqi banking sector in the face of economic crises, and even contribute to the funding of the development program, as well as supporting the reconstruction of liberated cities programs, and this of course would be a major shift in the banks' policies, and their ability to attend within the frameworks sectoral more effective in the organization, financing, and implementation of major investment and service projects ..

But this Altuge- on Ohmath- will continue to be risky, because the fragile economic structure have not given horizon and clear that, as well as the weakness of the possibility of a financing fund for the support, and cross-coverage of international donors of Donor countries, who would be a kind of protection that is assigned figures of the banking sector in this aspect of their presence.

The bet on it will give impetus to the movement of capital of Iraq, as it will give momentum nationally to highlight the banking sector identity to participate, and in a departure from the nature of the routine work that remained depend on them at the level of the limited participation, or at the level of caution finance major projects which Kant- Aadh- subject to public funds ..

Perhaps the current conditions in which the Iraqi economy is facing a serious financial deficit due to lower oil prices, will reflect the seriousness with which they can activate the banks initiatives eligibility to cover some of the national benefits, and according to what can be facilitated programs, plans and clear, especially to those cities need to be more than $ 20 billion for the rehabilitation of buildings infrastructure and its systems service, which means the need for international support, mainly through the presence of donor countries, as well as the existence of a banking sector active and brave contribute to the adoption of real initiatives in this context, to secure some loans, and assigning investment initiatives ..

The current circumstances may be difficult for everyone, but Mainbga addressed is planning major projects, particularly in the investment area, and put Ahli banking sector before a national responsibilities, as well as to policies in support of those responsibilities and Tqonnha, and what shall be subjected to the loss of civil banking sector, including the Aevkdh confidence to participate, and in the planning with the donor countries to address the crises of structural deep, and face her problems, political and social repercussions ..

The idea of contributing to the construction of cities that have been terrorism emanating from the existence of a policy supportive of this contribution, and according to the potential of the banks, and the setting of priorities in that, because the lack of planning their curricula to be a lot of support for the failure and corruption projects, and to discredit the confidence in the banking sector participation, and in the spirit of creating interactive with other national efforts ...