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Washington agree to an arms deal with Iraq by about two billion dollars

Washington-Iraq Press -21 in January
said the US Defense Department (Pentagon) that the government had agreed to sell Iraq smart bombs and missiles er IM -9 M Sidewinder and other ammunition for use in its fleet, consisting of 36 fighter F-16 in a deal worth up to 1.95 billion dollars. The agency said the Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the Pentagon, on Wednesday evening, it notified Congress in January 15 this transaction proposed sale to Iraq, which is fighting to regain land seized by the militants to organize the Islamic state. and before Congress 30 days to block the sales, although such action is rare Because arms control agreements being examined carefully before any formal notification. The Security Cooperation Agency said the proposed transaction -alta also includes technical support and operations rules and maintenance work and the strength of Aamlh- will require the establishment of about 400 Americans working in Iraq until 2020. It added that the agreement will contribute to the promotion of US National Security grant Iraq additional weapons, ammunition and technical services needed to maintain the combat capability of its fleet of F-16 fighter jets.

The agency said in a statement: "This proposed transaction enables Iraq to maintain fully on the aircraft, use and support the training of pilots to achieve effective Hmalah of Iraq from the current and future threats." End quote (1 https://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=182137&lang=ar