Finance Minister rule out the improvement in oil prices

Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, ruled out on Thursday, improved oil prices.
The contract Zebari held a press conference ministry building in Baghdad today, highlighted the economic situation in Iraq, revealing the size of the fiscal revenue, and expenses during the past year. "The current year will be difficult, noting that he has into account the developments in the public finances of the country for the budget year 2016. "Zebari said during a conference," We are well past the year 2015 successfully in financial terms, and we passed financial difficulties, and the security of employees' salaries, in spite of the existence of an economic crisis in Iraq. "He pointed Zebari that" general expenses increased in the last year, because of what he faced The Iraqi government on the military side, "in reference to the cost of the war against gangs Daash terrorist.
He added that he" has in mind developments in the 2016 budget ", warning that" this year will be difficult and harsh, and the collapse of oil prices will continue long ".