Request international protection for political bidding and inflatable bladders in perforated !!

Tariq Harb
legal expert
Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb, if what he said some members of the political blocs, a few days ago, about their direction to seek international protection in some parts of the province of Diyala, collides obstructed many constitutional and legal, citing reasons including the following: "
The Iraqi constitution was considered Iraq a sovereign state according to the first article of the Iraqi Constitution and the concept of sovereignty is contrary to international protection, the fact that international protection means the rule of the United Nations or some states to parts of the territory of Iraq, as well as the international protection on the part of Iraqi territory in Diyala province first it needs to be approved by the provincial council, as the preserve of governorates not organized in a region. "
It is believed a war that Diyala province lineup will not allow to accept this Alroaaz says: "We believe that the province of Diyala lineup will not allow to accept this view, and you need the protection of a second to the approval of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers in accordance with the provisions of articles (78 and 80) of the Constitution, the fact that the Prime Minister in charge for the general policy of the State, the Council of Ministers and the fact that responsible for the planning and implementation of this policy, and it needs a third time to the approval of the parliament vote to approve the entry of foreign troops and the establishment of the protection zone in accordance with the provisions of Article 61 of the Constitution and parliamentary majority does not agree on this subject. "
And refers War What happened in the nineties of the last century with the Kurdistan region had a different any situation says: "Also, there are barriers in international law is should be a resolution of the UN Security Council in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to establish an international protection zone in Iraqi territory , and if it has happened with the Kurdistan region in the nineties of the last century, the circumstances preceding the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government and the geographical boundaries of the region and the selection of population of the region is different from Diyala province circumstances,
the current Iraqi government and the selection of population and the limits of the province of Diyala, the current government is internationally accepted government under Council resolutions international security and the Charter of the United Nations, and is different from the previous government, "Saddam's government", as well as the population in the province of Diyala selection of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and Sunni and Shiite population differs from the selection, and in the region where there is just like the majority of the Kurds. " It also indicates the war to Diyala province, which is different from the Kurdistan region of geographic stressing: "as well as the limits of the territory of the province of Diyala different from the limits of the territory of the Kurdistan region, especially since the geographical There are calls for the establishment of a protected zone in Syria, however this has not been achieved in spite of that Syrian conditions are completely different from the Iraqi conditions, and the establishment of an internationally protected area need to be a Security Council resolution was adopted by the five major powers, and this is difficult because the five largest countries with the Iraqi government, such as Russia, China, France and Britain, and there is a framework agreement with the fifth state which America was signed a year 2008, the obligations imposed on the American side for the sovereignty and unity of Iraq's land, and confirms the war that the majority of the Iraqi people dwells in that region dismissive of this principle, which indicates: "The rejection of the majority of the Iraqi people population of this area is very clear that the request for international protection suit interference in Media face political and electoral bid and earning more than the door of intervention in the real side, but not in the inflatable bladders are pierced. "