Basra council rejects the application of the customs tariff on conservative outlets

01/21/2016 19:01 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Basra Governorate Council refused, on Thursday, the application of the customs tariff of the province on the border ports.

He said council member Ahmed Al Sulaiti's / scales News /, that "the council in Basra refused to apply the customs tariff in the border outlets without the other ports of the country", stressing at the same time that "the tariff was only for the benefit of Northern ports."

And Adavasulaita, "The continuous Council by refusing to law unless the customs tariff applied across the country," noting that "the application of the customs tariff in Basra ports and other ports exception is killing the economy in the southern provinces" .anthy 29/34 R.

This makes perfect sense to me. Why should they move forward with the application on the tariffs, if the other provinces do not? They want a level playing field and that is what this article is saying. -Loop