Abadi adviser rule out a return to the days of the siege and says: temporary crisis


Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister ruled out the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that Iraq is going through a period like a few days in the period of the siege nineties of the last century because it is a long-term pessimistic view, stressing that "the financial crisis are temporary and are working to find solutions."

Saleh said in a statement that "the oil crisis, emergency or last for years, and influenced by Iraq because of the war on terror, and costs, while at the same time dependence on oil revenues and falling oil prices, noting that" the budget of the country relies 93% on oil, we are facing a great challenge but However, there is liberation of the usurped land despite the circumstances. "

"It is unlikely that Iraq is going through a period like a few days the blockade because it is a long-term pessimistic outlook, and we are working to rectify the financial year of saving money and look at the same time into the future to find alternatives, and we have two working days and months about the budget and there are quarterly work looking him all the details of the financial year ".

He pointed out the difficulty of recycling resources and the search for them, stressing the work day and night for the advancement of the country, adding that the "crisis cell discussed in recent meetings how to stop the decline in resources and find alternatives, and there is a continuing and visions meetings studying and ideas put on an ongoing basis."

It is said that the Iraqi street awaiting access financial crisis and economic heaviest of going through, because of the continuing decline in oil prices.

The price of a barrel of oil continues to decline and reached about $ 30 less than what a referee in the state budget at $ 45 per barrel.

This sharp decline led to a considerable fears among Iraqis that the economic crisis will be suffocating them.

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, had confirmed that "the deterioration of harmful oil of Iraq rates, also for others, likely out of more than 13.5 million barrels of markets days if oil prices stay low, adding that" the cost of producing a barrel of oil in Iraq up to $ 10.70.

While economic adviser ruled in an earlier statement {Euphrates News}, falling oil prices to below cost of production, weighted price recovery in the future .anthy 1