reasons influenced the stock market and the Iraqi economy in 2015

Twilight News / affected by the Iraqi economy, several factors led to the decline in indicators have been affected as well as the Iraqi financial market indicators, as a result of the weakness of the company's ability to profit and continue the activity, as well as increasing the risk that the investment witnessed during the year, finishes in 2015 has sold non-Iraqis worth 114 billion dinars for the purchase of shares worth 73 billion dinars, and the market value fell by 2 percent to 9.2 trillion dinars.

And select the Iraq Stock Exchange 8 Reasons affected by the Iraqi economy and the Iraqi economy in general in its annual report, and issued by the destruction of the terror infrastructure of the state and the components of capitalism produced, and the cultural heritage and cultural bringing the number of Iraq's population who are below the poverty line to 30%, and more than Mleuena displaced between Iraqi provinces to escape the terror, and the weakness of the elements of life in general.

A subsequent decline in oil prices to change Iraq's economy, according to the report from surplus to deficit, and public sector companies continue to losses without a change in the pattern of planning.

The third reason not to the legal climate in Iraq, including allowing the private sector to contribute to the evolution of GDP, and to encourage investors to establish companies and attract national and foreign savings, and reduce the unemployment extension.

The weakness of the banking sector was unable to create an effect fourth finance development projects, but faltered in the provision of normal banking requirements, and some of them failed to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank of ethnic and face penalties.

Fifth it came when Iraqi rating Alaguetsadr -B and the impact on the decisions of investors.

And respect sixth reason, limiting the increase of capital as a source of funding, and not to approve the bond trading instructions or portfolio management, and do not allow companies to exercise the role of a market maker.

Seventh-binding laws did not achieve its goal of banking for the company to increase capital, to increase the equity mass of these companies are still represents 65% of the total listed company hopes headers.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Finally, weak financial position of the industrial and agricultural sectors, tourism, insurance and investment portfolios for investment companies to structural impediments, financial and legal, as well as obstacles to foreign trade.