Trade check in the presence of 814 000 fictitious name covered by the ration card


Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday, the Minister of Trade and agency Xiaa Sudanese Mohammed instructed audited the ration card system to all provinces data, asserting that the audits have resulted in doubts the existence of more than 814 000 fictitious name horseshoe on the ration card program. The ministry said, according to a press statement reported the Information Office received "Iraq law," a copy of it, that 327 270 people, aged eighty years and older, and 461 187 persons have the same civil registration services information in different names, which requires coordination and checking with the Civil Status circles after receipt identities. She added, that the audit process revealed the existence of similar individuals in the full name and nascent at the provincial level depending on the log and Saheefah numbering more than 26,000 individual, indicating the presence of duplicate names through the development of an electronic program that connects the previous databases will be checked later. She stressed the ministry, according to the statement, the Minister of Trade and based on this initial audit instructed the formation of technical committees for the purpose of auditing branches supply in all provinces, and within a period not to exceed thirty days to settle the matter and to hold negligent, employees and agents the fact that phantom names cost the state huge amounts of money needed by categories fragile and vulnerable and bad in society.