Council of Ministers: No. We will provide our financial crisis peasants dues

Thursday 21 January 2016 | 10:04

BAGHDAD / ... Council of Ministers announced, Thursday, securing his approval dues peasants and farmers of major crops, the current agricultural season, noting that he made the decision despite the financial situation and the sharp fall in oil prices.
The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi's office said in a statement "Eye Iraq News" received a copy of it, "a confirmation of the keenness of the Council of Ministers to support the peasants and farmers in spite of the financial situation and the sharp fall in oil prices, the Council agreed to secure the entitlements of peasants and farmers for crops main current agricultural season ( 2015-2016) and installed in accordance with the rates in this decision. "
The statement added, it was decided that "the marketing of agricultural according to the plan established," noting that the "competent authorities to take measures to ensure that the marketing process accuracy and accountability of manipulators in order to ensure the rights of peasants and farmers."
He said, "The Council also agreed to review the input support to stop the waste and corruption," pointing out that "the price approved by the wheat crop is 700 thousand dinars per tonne, and barley crop of 500 thousand dinars per ton."
The statement pointed out that "the price of the crop rice (dormitory class) approved by 900 thousand dinars per ton, while the price of the crop rice (and other varieties) approved by 700 thousand dinars per ton", and confirmed that he was the adoption of the "wheat prices and the barley planting season ( 2015-2016) and prices of rice planting season (2016-2017). "
And saw the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Furat al-Tamimi, on Wednesday, justifications and the Ministry of Commerce on non-dues peasants Exchange unacceptable, noting that the pay of external trade import and does not give Iraqis the rights of peasants.
While confirmed the Ministry of Commerce, Wednesday, that the peasants marketers dues of wheat for 2014 to areas which were outside the federal government control of marketing time has not acted so far, "as pointed out that" the launch of dues or delayed for Aaaud to the Ministry of Commerce, but the Ministry of Finance. "Ended 12