Iraqi prevent the media from covering the activities of Islamic Parliaments conference in Baghdad

2016-01-21 06:37:33 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It condemns the Iraqi Observatory of freedom of press act irresponsible by the Preparatory Committee of the Conference of Islamic Parliaments which opened today in Baghdad and prevent the Iraqi media coverage of the conference in a strange and irresponsible step and exposes the falsity of allegations of legislative authority, which states mostly it with journalists and their right to rights of access to information but the same after provocative actions and ignores the role of local media in press coverage Maaather in the access of information to the public at large.

He said journalists who were covering the proceedings of the conference taking place in Jerusalem in Baghdad hall in the heavily fortified Green Zone, they were surprised by preventing them from officials about the conference from entering the meeting room to cover its activities and the presence of the Speaker of Parliament Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, and they resent the very nature of the negative actions of those and unwise followed them by those in charge of the conference.

Hadi JLo Mari
Observatory Iraqi press freedoms