Trade launches a batch of dues of farmers and peasants last year

On: Wednesday 01/20/2016 15:22

General Company for Grain Trade at the Ministry of Trade today began distributing benefits farmers and peasants of the season last catalog 2015 to coronary silo to the farmers in the provinces of Salaheddin, Anbar and continue until atheist and the twentieth of this month, in coordination with the National Security Agency.
The general director of the company Haitham Khali that under the guidance and follow-up and trade minister Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese necessity of the participation of the security services audit result of the information available to the ongoing investigations and to eliminate cases of corruption that accompanied the operations of receipt of the wheat crop for 2015 and the adoption of the principle of precedence in marketing as stipulated by the Council of Ministers Affairs Committee Economic as well as check quantity marketed and also installed in the approved plan for each province. He explained that the distribution of benefits ends up sequence in 1480, in the Baghdad International Fair Hall during working .daia marketers eligible and within these sequences review of the Baghdad International Fair for the purpose of receiving their dues and within the official working hours starting of the day on Tuesday 19/01/2016 until 01/21/2016.