Iraqi government austerity bad example .. !!

On: Wednesday 01/20/2016 15:22

Iraq today / special
Officials in Iraq are "elite velvet" rosy color, living in an economic high tower, away from the bottom of society, where we are simpletons Naqba, despite the ongoing crisis and its repercussions on the Nhibam, but they are still conservative on the most basic privileges.
A specialist in economic affairs - lion Mohammed Ali, the values ​​in his speech to us, what means the government continues to maintain some minor concessions, for the benefit of officials "Alordaan" who plagued Iraq them after 2003: "The government continues regardless free fuel for vehicles and generators, officials from the members of the Board MPs and ministers, and pay their rent from the state treasury, corruption convincing, and extravagance with state funds, "to pick us competent to then, the paradox of Tarifa in austerity functioning of the government:" It is strange, that includes austerity, Mphasla necessary from the state, does not include these recreational vocabulary official in question could be covered from his salary, especially, it privileges for officials without other ordinary employees ", translated Ali then, the meaning of the continued disbursement of these provisions:" continuity means waste of public funds Iraq, and a fraction explicit policy of austerity that affect most aspects of the state, government and business " , and bleeding money in Alaivadat file, read this diagnosis: "The Aivadat officials are still draining a lot of money from the budget, demanding selected governing and the most essential Balaivadat, and the lack of response Albertokolah for Aivadat that Aegni Iraq them something," then advised Ali that the government will be a role model and an example in front of its officials, saying: "The government must, to set an example in dealing with officials, before asking the citizens of belt-tightening, Valtakecv must begin higher-income groups, and ends on the last episodes when the ordinary citizen."