Rumors and banking offices behind Aldaashah relationship between the dinar and the dollar

On: Wednesday 01/20/2016 15:23

Iraq today / special
We all know, that the Iraqi pocket, at the mercy of the US dollar exchange rate, Vankhvadh and height affect strongly on the pulse of pocket citizen who in turn suffers today from the recession, the economy in the country and the evaporation of opportunities in the labor market, but there from Alaniabeyen who insist that what we know about non-equal relationship between The dollar and the dinar, has no significant impacts.
Member of the Finance Committee for the Liberal - MP Hossam punitive, one of the sponsors of the hypothesis, the absence of the large impact, since it reduced the "height of the US dollar exchange rate effect, in front of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, and the currency is currently the country's situation, commented:" The currency Local stable, and there are fears of a rise in the dollar, "and tried to MP Alohrrari in an upcoming speech to our newspaper, that supports the evaluation of the following mention:" The central bank, continuously pumped in foreign currency in the market, and there are no fears of a significant rise of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, " If you MP .. What is your interpretation of the current passionate in the dollar exchange rate? commented Alohrrari: "The current simple in the dollar to rise, will not last for a long time, and will resume the decline over the next few days", point punitive us that the role played by the rumors and the owners of banking offices It works to "lift the dollar exchange rate, for a profit", the advised then, both the government and the central bank to "put controls on the banking offices, to prevent the exploitation of the citizen", then went on an interview with MP us towards the lower oil price: "The government is working on the development of new procedures, to activate the movement of the market, and to encourage local product, to make up for the shortfall in the budget, and resort to activate the economic sectors that make up the financial resource for the state budget ", and endured dear reader we we reiterate you Mataraf, but the necessities of the profession dictate on us, where your reference, He said: "The local market, has seen a rise in the US dollar exchange rate, in front of the Iraqi dinar, as a result of lack of supply of foreign currency and increase demand for it."