91 tons of gold reserves in Iraq

2001 2016
The Central Bank of Iraq, said its gold reserves have not fallen since 2012. He pointed out that the reserve currently stands at more than 91 tons.

He pointed out that the majority of gold reserves deposited in international banks, after a report of the World Gold Council which confirmed that Iraq's reserves of gold amounting to only 89.8 tons.

The general director of issuance and cabinets in the Iraqi Central Bank Ihsan Shomran that «Iraq's reserves of gold exceeds 90 tons», adding that «the gold reserves of the bank did not fall was not drag him or disposed». He Shomran that «a small percentage of reserves stored at the central bank coffers, and the bulk stored in global banks», adding that «Iraq reserves was in 2004 of 4 tons and managed the Central Bank in the period between 2011 and 2012 the purchase of 87 tons to lift back up gold to 91 tons ».

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