Tayeb: Shahristani explains the law of oil and gas, according to his vision
12:05:10 / 03/2012

Khandan -
predicted MP from Kurdistan Alliance, a pro-Tayeb new problems between the KRG and the central government in Baghdad because of the excavations carried out by a British company.
said in a press statement, "We have a chronic problem with the Federal Ministry of Oil, particularly with Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani who had previously threatened and still threatens foreign companies that are drilling in parts of Kurdistan, adding that all the differences between the central government of the Kurdistan region due to the interpretation of the Constitution, each according to his desire, and in particular Article (140) that we see or the differences we see that the reference to the above-mentioned article and its application on the ground will solve all the current problems will not be disputed area after today.
said good that the Kurdistan Region is committed to pay for the central government resources and the proceeds of oil extracted per day from fields in the Kurdistan region, but the federal government deny us the right to extract oil from the territory of the province and this Mazlh must resolved.
and the good that there is a dispute over oil and gas law Almarkon now in the House of Representatives because Shahristani interpreted according to his vision has not been any consensus to it for approval to date.

revealed good about the presence of more than 13 paragraph contained in the Convention on the Arbil to resolve differences of oil and other, but the government refused to application, raising complex problems.