Italian companies show interest in investing in Dhi Qar

January 20, 2016

Search Chairman of the Board of Dhi Qar Hamid Naeem Gazan, with a delegation of Italian companies investment opportunities and incomes in the province to implement projects in accordance with the payment on credit sectors of tourism, infrastructure, electricity and health system.

A Gazan, in a press statement: that «the meeting, they discussed a number of important topics that advance various sectors», adding that «it was agreed to provide all facilities and provide a safe environment with the work of Italian companies in the province to activate, along with tourism, archeology, health, infrastructure and electricity» .

He pointed out that «the company« Masco Ambyanty »expressed willingness to implement projects in the electricity sector, especially in the secondary stations in addition to finding solutions to bottlenecks in power transmission networks». He added that the Gazan «local government is keen on activating and supporting private sector investment and to contribute to the development of the economy and reduce the unemployment rate in the province in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country».

For his part, Marco representative Company (MASCO Ambyanty), the happy Italian companies to visit the city of Nasiriyah, and we made during our meeting the President of the Council the nature of the work of companies, quality and projects carried out, adding that those companies seeking to perform a task and service projects in Dhi Qar province, indicating that «the delegation companies will renew his visit to the province in the coming weeks for meetings with the local government and the signing of memoranda of understanding ».

Iraq is seeking to enter international companies to invest in some of the important projects, particularly infrastructure that many of them are still incomplete as a result of the reluctance of many companies and lack of financial allocations.

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