Member of the Council of Anbar: Daash is only on the island of Khalidiya and other areas fully editor

2016-01-19 23:37:04 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed the Anbar provincial council member waterfall Halbusi, Tuesday, that the organization of "Daash" We have in Khalidiya Island just been completely edit other areas, described the situation in Fallujah to spend Palmakd because of its nature and its inhabitants and displaced him.

Said Halbusi The "edit gray operations are going well, prompting security forces to move towards other neighboring regions such as Khalidiya and Fallujah Island", adding that "preparations are complete to move towards Fallujah because Fallujah complex in nature and include obstacles such as the existence of the human elements and displaced persons who fled to it from other areas. "

He Halbusi, that "Daash resides in Khalidiya Island just been completely edit other areas by the security forces and members of tribal police and the province."

The commander of the rapid reaction brigade, Major General Thamir Mohammed Ismail said on Tuesday his forces from continuing progress in Husaybah area east of Ramadi, pointing to address four booby-trapped houses in the region.