It kicks off near Basra International Exhibition for Oil and Gas

January 19th, 2016

Baghdad Zainab al-Hassani:
General Company for Iraqi Fairs in the Ministry of Commerce announced that Basra province will see in the third month of February kicks off next Basra International Fair of oil and gas with the participation of hundreds of international companies from various Arab and foreign countries as well as local companies.
The Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight, that «the exhibition is one of the important opportunities for the province as a contribute to the revitalization of economic activity in which reflects a positive impression on the investment companies wishing to operate in the province of Basra».
He added that «the local government will be the official sponsor of the exhibition and will provide all possible facilities for international companies wishing to enter the province of Basra and investment in the oil and gas sectors.»
Knight called on people of the province and local businessmen and companies to visit the exhibition, which kicks off in the third of the month of February for the production of international companies.
He said the events of Basra International Fair in previous sessions contributed to activate the economy and trade and provided an attractive environment for all wishing to enter the work world countries to the province.
For his part, Mohammed Hamid Abbas, director of media relations and projects in the oil company, said that «the exhibition will see the participation of a broad government oil companies because of its importance to the revitalization and development of the Iraqi economy».
He added that his company «for the fifth time in a row found its weight in the exhibition, which is an important economic phenomenon at a time when Iraq is seeking to the advancement of the oil sector and keep abreast of developments on the industry in the world.»
Abbas went on to say, that «Basra exhibition contributes directly definition of acting companies and the stages of completion of projects that Ngod vividly in an extraordinary time in exchange for presentation of the latest technology to the oil industry, communications, engineering services and other hand».
Abbas stressed that «the major companies will participate in the exhibition, which will be launched in the third of next February on the ground stronghold in the port of Basra, in the hope of continuing demonstrations like so economic development kept pace with victories in the battlefields of Iraq against the terrorist gangs Daash».