Central sales today recorded its lowest level months ago

January 19, 2016 17:35

CBI sales recorded in the auction sale of foreign currency on Tuesday lows months ago to sell $ 135 million.
According to a statement of the bank that "the size of the amount sold today reached 135 million, and 279 thousand and $ 379, priced at 1182 dinars to the dollar exchange rate, with the participation of 27 banks and 22 financial company to convert."
He pointed out that "the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 117 million and 59 thousand and $ 379, while the quantity sold was 18 million in cash, and 220 thousand dollars."
The statement said that "the amounts transferred to the accounts of banks selling abroad is priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price shall be the price of 1190 dinars per dollar."
And saw the local markets of the past few days, a marked decline in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar as the dollar reached yesterday 1223 dinars [123 000 dinars per hundred dollars] after hitting the exchange rate in the past few days in 1228 dinars to the dollar [128 000 dinars per hundred dollars]