Figures and slouch!


Omran al-Obeidi

Every atmosphere that damage the economic situation calls for a review does not accept the postponement, Vaekaz which was based on the state is no longer able to carry a larger distance, the economic crisis caused by the collapse of oil prices with the increase in costs of the war on Daash becoming more and incidents which threaten the structure of the state and threaten the unity of Iraq , Oil, who was around him Atgmehr Iraqis no longer a source of attraction and the Iraqi economy as it was a source of strength and unity of the state may be a big reason for the collapse exacerbated the problems and weaknesses and the potential disintegration as well.

More than a year over the economic crisis without real treatments and large numbers which refer to sagging of the Iraqi state is still dominant where the statements suggest the existence of (720) employees rank of Deputy Minister and (4800), Director General, at the time controlled deep concern on the Iraqi street, and fears of possibilities paralysis of the state and its inability to fulfill its responsibilities to pay employees' salaries.

So far, the state has not made a real plans to tackle the crisis and the process of borrowing from here and there is not a solution, and with the passage of days and ataxia oil prices lose assurances launched by the state to the citizen ability to withstand.
The economic factor and stability is the state port to announce its prestige internally and externally and through which you can catch the thread more than a game, whether international or domestic, and is an important balance point. Over a decade ago was solved a lot of internal political problems through economic compromise between the ruling parties and this was one of the pillars is a factor sometimes tolerated but with the deterioration of this case we can watch a lot of political fragmentation It is possible that lends itself to a lot of foreign intervention.

The state must put an end to the recession in addressing the crisis and move towards the joints active and that the crisis be a moment of starting and useful for the diagnosis of the most important points that can be articulated for the treatment of the crisis.
Endoscopy alone is not enough and swimming at the cliff crisis will not lead to cross It is also important to take advantage of the crisis to be a lesson for the future begin to build a real economy comes out of Ahadath which depends on oil.

With the economic crisis could break out a lot of societal problems that can increase the crises in Iraq, the many, and the Iraqis are right to your concerns about the map of Iraq and fragile sag erode entity state suffer so much because of the upper grades, which often do not lead a real and useful tasks, and growing anxiety over when to Aatelmus citizen the ability of any of the political blocs to handle the situation correctly only those prosthetic processors that I take real solutions.