Iraqi Airways completed all the requirements to return to Europe

1901 2016
Iraqi Airways announced the completion of all the conditions for the resumption of flights to Europe, stressing overdue notice for the return of European trips.

He said flags Iraqi Airways director Salah Tayeh in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "the company has implemented all the conditions and obligations imposed by the European Union, which on the track to prevent Iraqi aircraft from flying in European airspace."

He noted that "the Iraqi side pending further notice Aviation Authority in the European Union for the resumption of Iraqi flights to European countries, and a return to normal."

A statement posted on the site of the European Union last month have been included Iraqi Airways again on the list of banned include lines of conduct Flights to Europe to Iraq's non-commitment to safety requirements.

The European Union has attributed the reason to the failure of Iraq's commitment to implementing safety requirements accredited to the European Union Civil Aviation trips.

Union pointed out that the list that have been updated is very important to ensure the safety of the citizens of the European Union, which is of the highest priority

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