Global electronic companies roll into the region in 2016

1901 2016
8 factors conducive to success in the Middle East

2015 has the form of a peak period for e-commerce in the Middle East, Fajlalh was launched dozens of start-up companies in this region, accelerators business also grew like Ostrulabz AstrolabsME, and increased the proportion of mergers and acquisitions M & A in the delivery of the food sector with the acquisition of Rocket Rocket on Talabat requests, while the spread rumors about IPOs IPOs in the financial markets. This is in addition to the huge investment that got cars reservation service Careem cream, which is worth 60 million dollars.

Despite the political and social unrest in the region, but that sum, all the evidence herald it a year of e-commerce in the Middle East, regardless of oil prices, given the demographic composition, few and competition, and the abundance of promotions from large and small companies, and the increase in the spread of smart phones, will be written in a year 2016 history with respect to e-commerce.

With the new year, there are many expectations that were built more than 100 conversation with investors, banks and brokers payment and the owners of Web sites and application developers in the region, according to the report published by a flash, a competent platform to enable entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa region based on information and news events technology, and analysis of personal activities on Linked In.

1 - the growth of e-commerce on mobile devices. Today there is an increase in the rate of conversion of visitors to customers on e-commerce applications on small screens, especially the permanent customers, and we expect to increase these percentages with brands that adopt e-commerce use programming language HTML5 and increase their offers to improve applications.

2 - the adoption of upper Uber style in various types of services. What once began as a service to share cars today issued the entire services sector; it is aerobic exercise upon request with Oopfit Ubefit, to wash clothes on demand with snitch Plus Washplus, persevere emerging companies in the provision of multiple services on demand smoothly.

3 - sophistication in the user experience. If prevented from your smart phone applications that automatically happens, you will see an increase in the regional retail applications, and travel services, which will appear frequently as a result of initial tests of split A / B Testing, and study groups improved and analysis.

4 - welcomes the major brands of electronic commerce. 2015 saw the launch of a large number of major brands, such as Adidas and Adidas Ice Hardwar Ace Hardware and Chotherams Choithrams, to online stores. We expect that in 2016 a large number of traditional companies enter the online world, while noticing that the consumer demands shopping experience across multiple sales channels. Thus, it will be interesting to watch the big brands are trying to cope with the domestic challenges that will face when it expands in the world of electronic commerce.

5 - Digital incentives will become the new norm. From banks to airlines and even food vendors, incentives become almost entirely digital in order to benefit from the link that brings us together Bhoatva smart and our devices. 2015 has seen a lot of health applications and applications of permanent clients Loyalty app that you want to involve the user and build an interactive relationship with him, and in 2016 we expect more digital displays to attract a new generation and a society that is increasing the number of insiders on the technology.

6 - local e-commerce is growing faster than cross-border trade. With the ever-increasing supply dealers in the region, we expect that the fast-growing local e-commerce, especially in markets such as those in Saudi Arabia, where entrepreneurship thrives.

7 - Shipping on the same day will be a fundamental criterion. While the jury is still out about the fastest way to connect the product is perishable, we expect to make use of large e-commerce companies such prestigious companies Aramex Aramex, and modern Features such as Fetchr, to improve supplies. Moreover, several sites for e-commerce is working to build the means of delivery of products conferred to the home buyer threshold.

8 - globalization will come to the Middle East. With improving the supply routes and logistics community and with the young and the availability of funds in the Middle East, is expected to try to global electronic commerce companies penetrate markets in the region, through targeted offers, and localization with consumer culture, and shipping services improved.

Annahar 2016