Reports directed the finance minister to leave office 1/19
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Thread: Reports directed the finance minister to leave office 1/19

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    Reports directed the finance minister to leave office 1/19

    Reports directed the finance minister to leave office


    Tuesday January 19.2016

    A government official in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, revealed the departure imminent Iraqi Finance Minister Kurdish, Hoshyar Zebari, office, for the assigned tasks within the region, within the processors to overcome the financial crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region.

    The government official, who declined to be named, said that "the Kurdish leaders Political and agreed to withdraw the proposal Zebari and some experienced members of the Baghdad government and return them to capitalize on their management in the region. " The official added that "will be an alternative figures nomination to fill the quota of positions in Baghdad," noting that "the decision was made ​​in the financial crisis processors in Kurdistan, due to the erosion of oil prices and planned configuration for the organization of a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, and the start of consultations with the political parties in the region around it." .

    The economic crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region of an additional factor affecting the desire of the proportion of the population in the trend towards independence, but some fear of worsening economic problems and exposure Kurdistan to the siege and punishment from the surrounding countries, especially Iran and Iraq in the event of independence.

    And had the territorial Government, in the end of last month, to the application of the first cut of its kind in the financial allocations for senior public sector employees, as part of its goal reforms provide more funds to the region, which is facing a severe financial crisis limit the government's ability to pay salaries.

    And began the economic crisis on the rise since the beginning of 2014 , after Baghdad suspended disbursement region's share of the overall budget, against the backdrop of a lack of agreement on the export of crude oil in the region mechanisms, and continued crisis even after the agreement was reached between the parties in this regard. The Kurdistan region of Iraq an area of about 40 thousand square kilometers, and a population of 5.2 million people, and his regime a federal within the State of Iraq, since the adoption of the current constitution of the country in 2005.

    The Zebari, who took over the Iraqi foreign minister after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, and continued until 2014 , to move to the Ministry of Finance, the most prominent Kurdish figures, a well-known regional and international personalities. The news change Zebari, has passed remarkably many newspapers and news sites of Iraq recently, and drew mixed reactions.

    Whenever the source of an article is "The government official, who declined to be named" be skeptical about the information in the article. Time will tell whether this report has any merit or not. -Loop
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