Parliamentary Economic calls to view the state treasury bonds for sale


BAGHDAD - A fraternity
Economic Parliamentary Committee called on Monday, to offer state treasury bonds in the global market for sale to fill a large proportion of the 2016 budget deficit, claim to transfer some government institutions to the private sector to put the state on Asahih.oukalt path Committee member Najiba Najib: that the country depends mainly on the oil imports and with the continuing decline in prices in the global markets we will see a real disaster in the lack of Alomwal.orjeht Najib up oil prices to $ 25 per barrel in the next month of June, pointing out that it requires us real steps to address the Almala.waodan deficit that the most important of those steps to overcome the crisis and the Ministry of Finance granted authorization offer state treasury bonds in the international markets for sale, as well as the conversion of some state institutions to the private sector.