War: Retrieve the fugitives of the most important new reforms

- January 18, 2016 introduces a follow-up to the elimination of the accused files Division
War: Retrieve the fugitives of the most important new reforms BAGHDAD - Mohammed Al-Salhi
He said legal expert Tareq Harb importance of the development of the Supreme Judicial Council to follow up a special division to recover fugitives abroad files, with the exception of the most important step of the judicial reforms in the new reform measures. He said the war (time) that the (Ministry of Interior is the first responsible retrieves all fugitives outside Iraq via Overture International Police Bureau of Interpol in Baghdad and then send the office complete file of the accused to the World Bureau in Geneva to approach the countries that embrace the defendants). He added that the (Judicial Council is not interested in file recovery but it is responsible for the preparation of the judicial file accurate and give legal substance of the trial and the evidence and the other to enable the Ministry of Interior to send the file over certain references). He explained that the war (the development office plan to recover the accused is one of the most important reform measures because it will accelerate the pace of preparation of the recovery files, and be sober database with an able leadership experiences from the process of preparing the files complete with pictures in order to avoid non-acceptance of Interpol). Meanwhile, a spokesman for the judiciary Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement yesterday that (the Council decided to develop a special division to pursue the recovery files called recover fugitives outside Iraq Division). He said that (the headquarters of this division will be in the presidency of the General Prosecution Service). He explained that Bayrakdar (Council decided to allocate prosecutor to oversee the Division and judicial assistants assigned specialists to carry out its functions). He said (reports this Division will raise monthly to the presidencies of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor's Office) He pointed out that (the move was in implementation of the decisions of the Council at its last meeting and reported about activating the role of the public prosecutor on the recovery files that belong to the accused and convicted fugitives, especially in cases terrorism-related financial corruption).