Barzani: We are ready for all possibilities of change and our people has to defend the declaration of Kurdish State

Saturday, 10 March 2012 08:44

Shafaq News/ The head of the agency to protect the security of Kurdistan Masroor Barzani confirmed, that the Kurdistan Democratic Party recognizes the different opinions and points of view in it, and expressed "fear" from the effects of current events in the on the region, and confirmed the readiness for all possibilities.
Barzani diagnosed in an interview with the Kurdish newspaper (Hawler), which is issued in Erbil province of Kurdistan and followed by "Shafaq News", the shortcomings in the Iraqi political process and the situation of mistrust among its major components and saw what is happening in the opposition as commensurate with the public interest away from the partisanship.
He said that "the Kurdistan Democratic Party is making steady steps towards stabilization of the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people as a decision is based on openness and the possibility of the investigation without playing on the feelings of citizens, the Kurds."
Barzani acknowledged the existence of differences in views and opinions within his own party, saying that "difference of opinions is normal and healthy and do not constitute a problem," adding that "everyone expresses his views and ideas freely, but we are all committed to joint decisions."
And on the political developments in the region and what is known spring Arab and its effects on Kurdistan little Barzani that "Kurdistan is part of the Middle East is affected, including urging the political developments," adding, "We take all eventualities into account and prepare ourselves for the worst possibilities, at the same time look at the opportunities available to us into hope. "
Barzani indicates that "some parties could not get rid of the effects of radically totalitarian thought as they not believe in democracy and federalism," stressing that "Iraq's commitment to permanent constitution that determines the position of Kurdistan."
He diagnosed most important problems that has plagued Iraq by saying that "the greatest problems of Iraq lies in the lack of trust between its components the main to each other," explaining that "the Shiites are afraid of a return to the past because of the injustice they suffered, Sunnis fear the future and the possibility of reprisals against them, while the Kurds are afraid of their past is full of tragedies and have no guarantees that they do not recur in the future, so everyone is trying to protect themselves and this explains the deepening mistrust. "

On the issue of declaration of an independent Kurdish State Barzani explained that "the formation of the state of Kurdistan is a natural right to us. The question is not in the formation of the state or not, but the question lies in the possibility of protecting the State of Kurdistan after the announcement and the possibility of continuing or not?" Stressing that "the people of Kurdistan must be prepared to defend their land and their country and give up their self-interest and narrow partisan conflicts and that the process of making strides toward achieving this goal."
Masroor Barzani, 43, is the eldest son of the President of the Kurdistan Region and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, had joined the forces of Peshmerga forces since he was in junior high school, and five years after graduating until the Kurdish uprising of in 1991, and in 1992 he traveled to United States to complete his studies in international law and relations and political science.
In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in general, and in the provincial capital, Erbil, in particular, they call him the "mysterious man" (or Top Secret Man), for being a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, the top-partisan, and he chairs the most important and highest security apparatus in the region, which is a device to protect the security of the region called locally (ParastIn), within which all the security bodies are engaged, and because he, too, rarely participate in social events, because of the difficulty of his security tasks. So he did not find a lot of time as he said. That is why he has a rare appearance in the media.