Deputy for Muthanna: allocation of funds} {petrodollars to the provinces after the recent oil discoveries

2016/1/18 13:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP said Abdul Aziz Al-Muthanna province Zalmi he "has been exaggerated allocation {} petro dollars to maintain after oil discoveries in the province."
He said Zalmi in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Monday that "the patch exploratory oil wells that have been explored in the province will give material and moral boost to revive the poor conservative economically," and expressed "hope that the oil production of these patches exploration during the three or the next four years to two million barrels per day. "
He noted that "the province of Muthanna from poor provinces and hard national has direct action by the engineering and technical teams for the exploration of oil," noting that "2020 will export oil from the province of Muthanna to two million barrels per day and this is a major achievement and there are priorities to maintain."
The Muthanna province, announced earlier time, for a "good amount" of the discovery of oil in the southern desert area 70 km south-west of the province, saying it will improve the lot of the economic reality of Mhafezh.anthy