Abadi: I'm very happy to lift the sanctions on Iran!

Dated: January 18, 2016

Baghdad / Iraq News Network expressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi forward that contributes to Iran's nuclear agreement, which came into force on Saturday in the promotion of security and stability Almntqh.oukal Abadi said in a statement today: "We, on behalf of the Iraqi government and people, my sincere congratulations Islamic Republic of Iran Government and people on the occasion of lifting the economic embargo and the entry into force of the nuclear deal with the major countries. "He added," are looking forward to contribute to this historic agreement in the promotion of security and stability and prosperity of the countries and peoples of the region, especially as it came under a major security and economic challenges that require cooperation and directing efforts to serve the interests of our peoples and the promotion of development and the chances for peace ".ccant International Atomic Energy Agency announced last Saturday that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations related to the comprehensive joint action plan signed between the two parties which paves the way for the lifting of international sanctions imposed Alleha.ogery exchange of prisoners between Iran and the United States to coincide with the announcement of the implementation of the Plan the nuclear deal with US President Barack Obama issued a decree to lift economic sanctions on Iran, including the release of billions of dollars in withheld for Tehran in international banks.