Finance decided to call the parliamentary governor of the central bank to discuss the issue of Warka Bank
10/03/2012 08:57

Baghdad, March 10 (Rn) - The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, for it will call Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi to discuss the issue of Warka Bank, as revealed by the presence of unconfirmed refers to smuggling capital of the Warka Bank out of the country following the flight the founders of the bank.

The Iraqi central bank decided last week to develop and guardianship to the Warka Bank, one of the largest banks because of the Iraqi marking some of the problems in financial dealings. The bank said that the imposition of guardianship on the Iraqi Warka Bank for Investment and Finance came to save him from some of the problems that plague them.

The main tasks of the Central Bank in managing monetary policy in the country, and raise the value of Iraqi dinar and tackle inflation.

A member of the Committee Secretary Hadi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The Finance Committee will summon the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq to discuss the issue of Warka," noting that "there is a problem in the Warka Bank for more than two years and there were instruments back because of the lack of balance of Mali".

A member of the Finance Committee on "the existence of unconfirmed reports indicate that the capital of the bank have been smuggled abroad, and the founders of the bank also may have left Iraq," noting that "There are many claims made by citizens to the courts against the bank," and there is controversy in ministries at the letters of guarantee provided by the bank. "

And sought the Warka Bank, according to economic reports to come out of his financial entry through the Bembagesat with the British bank Standard Chartered to sell a share of the shares, but the talks have reached a dead end.

The decision to place custody of the Warka Bank in the Central time enter the new mechanism requiring the withdrawal of foreign currency on the basis of the importance of development projects in the country, after news spread of the breadth of the phenomenon of smuggling hard currency, especially to Iran, facing international sanctions.