Soon .. fierce battle between the government and the budget !!

Dated: 01/18/2016 Monday 7:39

Iraq today / special
We all know a lot about the personality of Robin Hood, and his skill at throwing darts, and more importantly, that the poor of us adore .. It embodies the idea of ​​a savior, but it seems that the idea of ​​Robin Hood open to interpretation and different interpretations, for example, the Iraqi government, still trying to be Robin Hood be with the budget ,
Ramia from time to time arrows of appeal in certain paragraphs of the budget - financial transfers Thdida.alganh parliamentary, disclosed the proportion Arrows appeal that you expect the government to throw in the back of financial transfers: "The Council of Ministers challenged some of the paragraphs of the budget, will cover 65% of the procedures that adopted by Parliament in transfers of funds, and the reduction of government expenditures within the federal budget for 2016 ", Rapporteur of the Committee - MP Ahmad al-Haj Hamma Rashid, disclosed more in his interview with us, and what incentives the government, to play the role of Robin Hood:" The parliamentary Finance Committee, and during the discussions that preceded the vote to pass the budget at the time, it has added 16 items on the draft budget sent by the Cabinet to the parliament at the time the law ", and generalities to particulars that will inspire the Carnival appeals in some of the transfers that have not Tsetsegha government:" These transfers have turned on the crowd People and displaced persons and the province of Basra and balancing the parliament, but the government opinion was not taken in, "With regard to some of the bad effects of the appeals to be provided by the government:" The appeal against the Council of Ministers the terms of certain paragraphs of the 2016 budget, will carry a budget fuel expenses, maintenance of cars responsible ", either by the most prominent vertebrae budget, which Sttanha government, we read: "The appeal submitted by the Council of Ministers, will also include, lifting paragraph oil licensing rounds," to try to Commission decision then, to explain the government's view: "The government is counting on increasing oil sector production, including ensure reduced the deficit in the current budget ratio, and to overcome the financial and economic crisis facing the country, and institutions of the Iraqi state, "and touched deputy to the subject of time .. the salaries of staff:" The employees' salaries during 2016, will be locked and no fear from the suffocating crisis, because of the expected increase in oil export revenues ", and increased time on the subject at the conclusion of his speech:" The 2016 budget year, it ensured the presence of the employees' salaries in full, without any change or delay or reduce. "