Coalition formed .. Faleh Surrey accuses the government of shirking for many of the terms of the Erbil
On: Saturday 03/10/2012 12:29

Baghdad (news) .. accused member bloc citizen MP / National Alliance / Faleh valid government shirking for many of the terms of the Erbil, adding that the political parties that wish to sign a new agreement items outside the Constitution, they want to achieve personal interests and gains to outside parties were supportive for these blocks.
Sari said in a statement (of the Agency news) Friday: There is a large disclaimer by the Government to implement the terms of Erbil, and the objective of the Convention is to cross the stage of formation of the government and the presidency.
He added, people expected that the conference for my country or a new agreement will resolve the crisis, and this expectation is wrong that the crisis continues, some parties did not comply with the Convention on the Arbil, how can that is committed to Bmqrarat Conference.
The MP pointed out on the mass of citizens to: a guarantor only of the withdrawal of Iraq from the current crisis and to everyone that govern the application of the Constitution and any agreement is far from the Constitution will be unsuccessful and immature, and therefore all the parties that sign this agreement will be secure that this agreement check their personal interests and earnings gains for the parties and third parties were supportive of these blocks.
The leader of the National Accord Movement MP / coalition in Iraq / Salem Deli, take the National Congress is expected to take place, "lie," such as the Convention Irbil agreed by the political blocs.
Said Daly in an earlier statement (the news): The National Conference, "lie," such as the Convention of Arbil, in the lack of seriousness by a coalition of state law to be held, adding that procrastination and delay one of the principles of political conflict on the part of a coalition of state law, these principles have become one of the challenges that facing Iraq.
He pointed to the Iraqi MP: that the political crisis taking place in the Iraqi arena, as a result of autocracy by a coalition of state law.

The leader of the Iraqi MP / coalition in Iraq / Hussein Talal Zobaie saw: that the political crisis taking place in the Iraqi arena took root in the Iraqi society and can not be solved.