Parliamentary investment: increased holidays in Iraq does not affect the economy

01.16.2016 at 12:53 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the economic and investment commission in parliament member Ahmad Kanani, Saturday, that Iraq did not possess nor industrial development or production of local growers, noting that the increase in holidays will not affect the country's economy.

He said Kanani's / scales News /, said that "much of the world economy is affected by the official holidays declared by the State as a result of the holidays, national and religious events and weather conditions," pointing out that "these countries lose a lot of money as a result of the holidays."

He added that "the Iraqi economic basis as a plan of strategic economic policy to draw the error. Iraq has no economy even influenced heavily holidays," adding that "Iraq does not own property and industrial development, no agricultural or local production in order to be affected holidays because all the materials we use if the food and industrial construction or all of which are imported. "

Iraq occupies first place among the countries of the world in the number of holidays, and started up according to the law of public holidays 150 days a year, unless it sees a lot of drain on the Iraqi economy experts.

Iraq occupies center stage in the diversity of national and religious occasions official and non-official holidays, was added to these events, other holidays, often imposed by the security and political situation. The estimated loss by the country's economic studies within 7 days of holidays by about $ 30 million.

It seems the Iraqi citizen of holidays between supporters and dismissive of her position, Employees in state institutions they see as positive and see it as an opportunity for recreation themselves and their families, and the business owners and daily wages, a large slice of Iraq, Vigdunha curse negatively affect their daily income.

There is no doubt that the countries of the world all celebrating national and religious Bmnaspadtha which is delightful, but increase the holidays without compensation working hours may lead, according to economists, to a deficit in fulfilling the State obligations to its citizens, especially that the Iraqi economy is still suffering from foot-dragging because of wars and crises. / ended 29 n / 10