Central donate with 100 kg of gold to the Dome of the Imam Ali shrine

Writings Friday, 15 January 0.2016

Iraqi Central Bank announced on Friday, to provide 100 kg of pure gold for the purpose of gilding the dome of the Imam Ali shrine, part of a project launched by the upper threshold for the restoration of stones and paint the dome.

A member in the upper threshold management in Najaf, Muzaffar lovable, "The first phase of the renovation project of the threshold, is the drum of the dome and by 2500 stone coated copper pure gold", noting that "the second phase began today at a rate of nine thousand brick and copper is then repainted gold. "

For his part, explained engineering director threshold Falah al-Sarraf: "We got 100 kilograms of pure gold provided by the Central Bank of Iraq for the purpose of gilding the dome of the shrine of Imam Ali in the upper threshold honest," pointing out that "the administration will implement the restoration and expansion of operations on each upper threshold without prejudice to its old architectural style. "