Parliament (time): international companies considering the establishment of gas export line from Kurdistan

- January 15, 2016

The Constitution allows the action with the absence of an oil law

Parliament (time): international companies considering the establishment of gas export line from Kurdistan

BAGHDAD just Shaima

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary legitimacy of the Kurdistan region is implementing a project to create a line export Algazmicherh that the absence of the law of oil and gas will lead to the occurrence of new differences on the export process.

Said committee member Jamal Ahmed (time) yesterday that (the project of establishing a line for the export of gas in its infancy now, but he Earlier, there was a project in the region to explore for gas by foreign companies in addition to the gas extraction process for domestic purposes and this was the initial experience of the province to set up to extract and export gas pipeline after it has been exploring the fields). Indicating that the (oil law and Algasalmouhd not prescribed and therefore the constitutional provisions is the ruling as the 114 and 115 subjects speak for discovered fields and differentiate between old fields that are managed in partnership with the Center discovered either give you permission to areas extracted and exported). Adding that the (region not to proceed now creates the line, but there were bids have been sent to international companies to be studied and then choose the companies that will implement this huge) project.

Following up (the region did not begin creating the project in the event has been completed, the Eradt will go to the region as is the case with oil export process and therefore there will be other differences between the center and the region because of the lack of a unified law for oil and gas to unify Altsidirothdid fate) operations. Pointing out that (the only line for the export of petroleum products is through the Turkish Ceyhan line and there is a new line to be established for the export of products through Iran and thus we have two options for export, but now there is no alternative line for the region to export oil, but the line Turkey).

For his part, the KRG Bioar Khansa announced economic security adviser to the region will begin to extend the natural gas pipeline to Turkey in February next noting that the project is due to expire at the end of 2016 as he emphasized that the region can export 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually . Khansa said in a statement yesterday that he (scheduled to initiate the establishment of the region to extend natural gas from the region to Turkey in February next line) pointing out that (the province would set up the line to the side of the oil line in a step toward resolving the financial crisis in the region). Khansa said that (the project due to expire at the end of 2016 year, under the agreement signed between the region and Turkey in 2013). Indicating that the (region can export 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually across this line and raise production to 20 cubic Milirmitr the future as well as the export of gas to Europe) to that announced the Legal Committee member of the parliamentary smile Hilali that the Commission legal pass paragraph share of the Kurdistan region in will be discussed 2016 budget, pointing to the existence of doubts about the vote in parliament. She said Hilali said in a statement yesterday that (the Commission will resume its work in the next week with the resumption of the work of the House of Representatives) confirmed that the (Commission legal pass the ninth paragraph of the budget in 2016 related to the share of the region that voted in by parliament during the vote on the budget session) She added Hilali discussed (there are doubts on voting on this article) indicating that (the odds are a re-vote within the Council for asylum or a group of deputies challenged at the Federal Court).