Security forces launched a massive campaign to disarm the clans in Basra

Posted 15/01/2016 03:03 PM

Basra / follow-up to the Orient:
An official source in the province of Basra, on Friday, that the forces of the army and police coming from Baghdad entered the city to carry out large-scale security operation aimed at disarming the heavy and medium weapons from the clans that have caused tribal conflicts over the past months. The source said that a violent and extensive clashes currently taking place in Basra between Iraqi security forces and members of tribal groups, using different kinds of weapons. An official source said that the Iraqi government has sent an armored division of the army and police forces to the southern oil city of Basra to disarm the population in the midst of violent conflict between rival clans. Jaber al-Saadi said Chairman of the Security Council in the local province of Basra, that the security operation was aimed at areas in the north of Basra where tribal disputes are common, it will also include neighborhoods inside the city of Basra in the future. And the face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last Tuesday, to send a strike force to the province of Basra to disarm the heavy and medium weapons from the province through combing areas, while stressing the arrest of all tempted to tamper with the security and stability of Basra, he confirmed that the tribal conflicts in the province is unacceptable. Abadi stressed during a meeting with security chiefs in the province need to impose the prestige of the state, and the arrest of all tempted to tamper with the security and stability of the province of Basra and its people and the withdrawal of heavy and medium weapons through combing areas. He held Abadi political differences and disputes responsibility for the consequences in the province being adversely affect the security and the general situation in the province. He also pointed out that the kidnapping and robbery gangs have corrupt doctrine does not differ from terrorist gangs, and must be dealt with firmly, stressing the importance of activating the intelligence effort to eliminate these gangs.