Deputy for the State of Law: Iraq lost its popularity because of its actions are not clear
On: Saturday 03/10/2012 11:38

Baghdad (news) .. Between a member State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Abbas Hammoud broadly that the Iraqi List, has lost popularity because of their actions is clear.
A broadly in a statement (of the Agency news) on Saturday: there is a desire for the National Alliance that all the political blocs in the political process, a strong and homogeneous among themselves, to give the force of the process
, Indicating the following: that the Iraqi List, has lost its popularity as a result of some actions is clear and that do not fit with the desire of the masses.

As for the possibility Iraqi internationalization of what is happening in the country, the National MP for: all the countries of the world that follow the democratic systems in which all the problems of a political bloc with the press and TV channels and what you want to occur.
He broadly: the internationalization of domestic issues to the international community means the community is busy and leave the problems between the states that require a UN resolutions.
Earlier, the leader of the movement of the solution deputy / coalition in Iraq / Tareq Ziad worldwide abolition: public opinion is convinced of the continuity of the political crisis and it does not solve either to hold the National Congress or other.
The worldwide abolition (the news):
In the beginning, we stressed that the crisis will continue until the end of the second round of elections, stressing the need to alleviate the conflicts of the political blocs and convergence of views to provide services to citizens and security.
The Iraqi MP: that the National Congress or other meetings of the political blocs do not solve political problems, calling for partners in the political process, especially those who paid with the power to implement what was agreed upon when forming the government.