Parliamentary Finance denies the intention of Parliament to cancel some taxes

Posted 15/01/2016 03:16 PM

Baghdad / follow-up to the Orient:
Denied the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, Wednesday, the determination of the House of Representatives cancel some taxes on goods, noting that the government is looking for new taxes. Ebadi said «no truth to the intention of Parliament cancel some taxes on peace such as cars and cigarettes, on the contrary that the country needs new revenue and the search for other taxes», indicating that «the taxes in the budget law and found some of them since last year, and another was added now». He explained that «the country live a very bad economic situation and must find non-oil revenues, because oil in a continuous descent», pointing out that «the government is looking for the application of new taxes.» He favored the decision of the House of Representatives Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, on Monday, the House of Representatives fell from the application of its decision to impose taxes on goods and goods identified by that. Ihsanoglu said in a press statement that «the tax imposed at the present time on the citizen will lead to economic and social problems», indicating that «the House of Representatives resolution on this side and faced a number of popular and political criticism, especially since the majority of the political blocs are talking about its intention to raise the standard of living of citizens». He explained that «the House of Representatives will review these taxes during the next session after expiry of the current recess», referring to «the need to study the laws before deciding until the Council is not located in a critical positions».