Preparations for new demonstrations demanding the prosecution of thieves of public money

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2 December / January 15, 2016 13:12

Preparing demonstrators in various provinces to come out in mass demonstrations on Friday.
To condemn the delays in the implementation of reforms, and confirmed a number of the organizers of the demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces they continue to demonstrate to demand the trial of the accused in corruption cases and work to improve the situation of services, in addition to denounce the policies of previous governments that caused the squandering of billions of people's money.
So it called a number of demonstrators in the people of the province of Karbala to take part in demonstrations on Friday to continue to demand the implementation of reforms and increase pressure on the government to implement their demands.
In the meantime coordinating the demonstrations held in the province of Najaf meeting confirmed the escalation of protests after underestimating the popular demands by the government and called on all citizens to come out in massive demonstrations and not to remain silent about their rights usurped again.