US reports: Baghdad can secure the three-year budget without the sale of oil

Friday 15-01-2016 | 9:44:58

Twilight News / reported many US media reports confirm that the size of the former senior officials in Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government accounts up to $ 220 billion, pointing out that this amount is enough to cover the next three years the budget without selling even barrels of oil one.

For its part, state media said local Iraqi, revealed that former senior officials accounts, whether in Iraq or in the province of Kurdistan in international banks is a cause for concern, stressing the need not to Iraqis survival and the international community silent and know that the Iraqis fortunes go years ago to the pockets of senior Iraqi officials.

According to US reports, the total amount deposited by former officials in Iraq and the region reached $ 220 billion, which means that it is enough to secure Iraq's budget for three years without selling a single barrel of oil.