Parliamentary Deputy for finance: the Government is looking for new taxes

January15, 2016

The parliamentary Finance Committee member denied Jabbar Al-Abadi, the intention of the House repeal certain taxes on goods, indicating that the Government is looking for new taxes.

He said Al-Abbadi told a disciple, news, economy agency that "no intention of Parliament abolishing some taxes on peace as cars and cigarettes, rather that the country needs new revenue and find other taxes", stating that "the existing budget law taxes found each other since last year and added now.

"The country is living a very bad economic situation and must find non-oil revenues, because the oil in continuous descent", pointing out that "the Government is looking to apply new taxes."

Maybe the House decision Niazi Mimar aghalo, retreat house on the application of the decision to impose taxes on goods and goods identified.

Davutoglu said in a press statement that "imposing taxes on citizens would lead to economic and social problems", stating that "the decision to house the encounters series of popular and political criticism, particularly that most political blocs speak about its intention to raise the level of living of the citizens."

"The deputies will review these taxes during the coming meetings after the end of the current recess", noting "the need to study the laws before action them until the Board is not in critical positions."